Vantage Recovery® Short-Term Care Insurance

Most people who undergo a knee replacement are between the ages of 50 and 80. And, virtually all (99%) medical insurance policies place a limit on visits for medical rehabilitation.

It's easy to feel confident if you're in great shape, but accidents and sudden illnesses can cause health concerns stemming from issues like hip, knee and back problems; a heart attack; stroke; cancer; and Alzheimer's. Injuries and chronic illnesses strike people of all ages, both working and retired, and can be financially overwhelming--especially if you and your family are unprepared. Without enough coverage, costs associated with care can deplete your savings.


Bankers Fidelity's Vantage Recovery® Short-Term Nursing Facility Confinement insurance affords you the ability to recover from injury and illness on your own terms.


Plan Benefits*

  • Issue Ages 18-85
  • Daily Nursing Facility Confinement Benefit Amounts of $30-$300
  • Benefit periods*: 90, 180, 270 or 360 days
  • Elimination period: 0 or 20 days
  • 10% household premium discount for qualified applicants
  • Full restoration of benefits* - following your stay in a nursing facility and after you have been confinement-free for six consecutive months, 100% of your benefit period is restored
  • No prior hospitalization required
  • Customization of coverage with optional riders
  • Full benefits paid for Alzheimer’s Disease-cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s Disease, senile dementia and Parkinson’s Disease, are covered the same as any other illness.

*Benefit periods vary by state. Restoration not available in all states.

Vantage Recovery insurance offers a variety of different options to meet an individual's needs, with benefit periods from 90-360 days.* Beneficiaries can choose to start benefits at day one of confinement or at day 20, customizing their plan to their specific needs. 

*Benefit periods vary by state

Enhance Your Coverage with Optional Riders

Home Health Care Rider*

Medicare may only cover short-term home health care under certain limited conditions. Vantage Recovery can help cover some of the expenses associated with a nursing facility or home health care by providing up to 360 days* of benefits. These benefits can help assure family members that their loved ones are receiving excellent care; and may also be restored after a 6 month treatment-free period.*

*May not be available in all states. See Outline of Coverage for additional details.

Cancer First Occurrence Benefit Rider*

Vantage Recovery pays a lump sum benefit in the event that you receive an Initial Diagnosis of Cancer after the rider has been in effect for 30 days. Benefits are not payable for: 

  1. non-malignant, benign, pre-malignant or non-invasive tumors or lesions or dysplasia or carcinoma in situ
  2. pre-malignant skin lesions or carcinoma in situ of the skin including melanoma in situ
  3. skin cancer (except malignant melanoma).*

*May not be available in all states. See Outline of Coverage for additional details.

Many individuals cannot afford the expenses incurred from a stay in a nursing facility or in-home health care, but there is a viable option. You can choose the coverage that works best for you and take some of the worry out of your recovery with our Short-Term Care solution, Vantage Recovery®

Bankers Fidelity is here to assist as you consider your coverage needs. To get answers to your questions about Vantage Recovery® Short-Term Care Nursing Facility Confinement Insurance or to get a quote, call us at 866-458-7504.



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