What is a Supplemental Insurance Plan?

What is a Supplemental Insurance Plan?

Those of us have who have medical insurance have a certain peace of mind knowing that the costs involved with treating a health issue won’t result in a financial catastrophe for us or our family.However, there can be additional costs that aren’t covered under our health plan, which is one reason why supplemental insurance plans can be such a benefit for us. As the term implies, they offer insured individual the chance to take care of the many incidental expenses that crop up during the treatment and recovery period.These types of policies work best for those of us who have a family history of critical illnesses, those in a profession that may be considered dangerous or simply those of us who are enjoying our retirement years. 

Generally, there are three different types of plans available, which are for:

Serious Illness
These help pay for deductibles, specialists who aren't in the network of physicians or experimental treatments that are usually related to some form of cancer. With respect to the latter treatments, the American Cancer Society estimates that two-thirds of all cancer costs are non-medical, which can quickly add up.

They can also be used for non-health issues like paying for such incidentals as child care or help around the house, traveling and residential costs if any treatment is far away or the everyday payments that continue like groceries, car payments and other bills.

Those of us who are enrolled in Medicare know that some things aren’t covered under our plan. These include deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance, with many other expenses that may increase if there’s an extended hospital stay or a need for the services of a nursing home.

Accidental Death
Something we never hope happens could occur one day is if a death takes place. There’s no other way to plan for such a scenario other than supplemental insurance. Those of us looking to purchase this type of insurance should be aware that no benefits will be issued if death occurs due to natural causes, illness or suicide.

So if the idea of supplemental insurance plans sounds like a good investment, make sure to contact Bankers Fidelity today to get the ball rolling on setting up a plan that works. We may never know where the road takes us, but having Bankers Fidelity to help us out is a comforting thought.

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