Navigating the Seas of Medicare - Know What Medicare Plan A and Plan B Cover

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Medicare is an essential program for seniors, probably equal in importance to Social Security in providing benefits to insure the health and financial well-being of individuals over the age of 65, people under 65 with certain disabilities or people of any age with End-Stage Renal Disease. In fact, the importance of Medicare is growing. 

What is Medigap Insurance?

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It’s important to have a reliable insurance policy that will be there to respond to your health care necessities in any circumstance. You may be forced to deal with unexpected health issues and expenses, but the expectation to pay for them always there. When those moments come, it can be a shock to open up your pocket book and pay for the bill you thought was covered by your policy. However, when you are covered with Medigap insurance, your pocketbook won’t need...

What to Look for in Your Medicare Policy

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The basic thing to remember about Medicare is that there are basically three parts that are divided into several options. Medicare Part A covers you as your hospitalization insurance. This is provided by the US government at no cost. Medicare Part B covers other parts of medical care like visits to the doctor, emergency room, diagnostic tests and anesthesia. However, Part B provided by the US government only covers 80% of your medical expenses. It also does not include...