Switching Your Primary Care Physician: Tips And Tricks, Part 2
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Switching Your Primary Care Physician: Tips And Tricks, Part 2

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is finding a doctor that you trust. Once you shop around and narrow your options down to one physician, he or she will likely want to see you for an initial check up. From managing health care expenses to working with the doctor to better understand your care options, there are many components to a first-time office visit with your new primary physician.  In this portion of this two-part series, we will offer some tips to get the most out of this appointment. By following these tips, you can do your part in establishing a positive relationship between you and your new physician. 

Getting The Most Out Of Your First Doctor's Appointment

These steps will make the visit more productive for both you and your doctor, so be sure to follow them closely.

Write down questions ahead of time

Sometimes you leave an appointment and realize five questions you wish you had asked at the time. To avoid this, start thinking about questions several days before. This way, you can get all of the answers you need.

Know your medications and medical history

Your new doctor will need to know all of the medications you are currently taking, any of your allergies, and your medical history. This will help the entire medical staff better understand your health needs and update their records from the beginning.

Answer all the physician's questions honestly

The nurses and your doctor ask questions for a reason, and you will only harm your own health by being dishonest, evasive, or cagey. Take the time to answer every question thoroughly and honestly.

Talk through your current conditions and past treatments

Every physician has a different approach to health care, so be sure that your new doctor is up to date on your conditions and how they have been treated in the past. If they decide to take a different course of treatment, discuss the change in depth.

Make sure that you understand the financial side of the appointment

Managing health care expenses is an important part of office visits as well as the physical health side. Talk to the office staff about how they handle billing, co-pays, and payment plans. About 21% of Americans said that they paid over $2,000 worth of medical expenses in the last year, so you should leave feeling secure in how to handle any potential payments. By finding a doctor you trust and making every appointment with them productive, you can take better control of your health. From diagnosing conditions to managing health care expenses, there are plenty of reasons to have the right medical team on your side. This relationship will sustain your health for years to come.

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