The Lowdown on Short-Term Care

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Think short-term care might not be for you? You may want to think again. Short-term care insurance can be a viable, more affordable alternative to traditional long-term care plans and can help cover expenses should you find yourself in a situation when you require care from either a nursing facility or even home health care. This coverage can be a valuable supplement to your current health insurance plan if you experience an illness or injury that prevents you from carrying out two or more of Activities of Daily Living. 

How Medicare's Annual Enrollment Period Could Affect Your Medicare Plan

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Have you noticed an increase in mail from insurance providers and commercials touting Medicare Supplement plans lately? Each year you have the option to make changes to your Medicare coverage, and we’ve got some helpful information to empower you to make sure you’ve got the coverage that best suits your needs.


Don't Let Stress Get the Best of You

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Life can be stressful, but being able to identify the source and effectively handle it can greatly benefit your health and well-being. The causes of stress can come from many different places. For working individuals, job-related stressors can include unhappiness, long hours, a heavy work load and fear of termination, among many others...