Celebrating the Treats of Summer While Staying Healthy

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Summer is the time to spend your days soaking in the sun, splashing in the pool and grilling out with friends. Some people might be found spending an afternoon at the ball park, indulging in traditional fare such as hot dogs, popcorn and pretzels. Parents and kids on summer vacation may be more inclined to hit the drive-thru at their local fast food restaurant or call for pizza delivery, feeling too...

Navigating the Seas of Medicare - Know What Medicare Plan A and Plan B Cover

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Medicare is an essential program for seniors, probably equal in importance to Social Security in providing benefits to insure the health and financial well-being of individuals over the age of 65, people under 65 with certain disabilities or people of any age with End-Stage Renal Disease. In fact, the importance of Medicare is growing. A recent analysis found that by the year 2055, the cumulative lifetime benefits for a 65-year-old with a median income from Medicare is...

Switching Your Primary Care Physician: Tips And Tricks, Part 2

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Part of living a healthy lifestyle is finding a doctor that you trust. Once you shop around and narrow your options down to one physician, he or she will likely want to see you for an initial check up. From managing health care expenses to working with the doctor to better understand your care options, there are many components to a first-time office visit with your new primary physician. 

In this portion of this two-part...

Switching Your Primary Care Physician: Tips And Tricks, Part 1

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Whether you switched health insurance policies or simply need a doctor who better meets your needs, finding a new primary care physician can be tricky. This professional is your go-to for all basic health needs. Especially if you have any special conditions, you want a doctor who you can trust completely. This is particularly true since the U.S. has the highest rates of chronic health conditions, with 87% of older Americans reporting at least one. About 68% report two or more...