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April is National Stress Awareness Month, Take a Load Off
April is National Stress Awareness Month, Take a Load Off

Stress is one of those things that never seems to be in short supply. In some cases, stress can actually be really good for you: many people believe that they do their best work and most creative work when they're on a deadline, while others find that increased pressure motivates them to accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

But it's time to recognize that stress has some very serious downsides, both mentally and physically. April is National Stress Awareness Month, so our team at Bankers Fidelity figured it would be the perfect time to look at how stress affects our lives in ways that we don't always realize.

For many Americans, stress seems to be a natural part of our daily lives. Technology has allowed our world to become more connected than ever before -- which does have some serious advantages -- but this connectivity has made it more difficult to relax and focus on what's happening right now. It's no coincidence that the three days Americans report feeling the happiest are the three days when it's "acceptable" to relax with friends and family: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the 4th of July.

The Baby Boomer generation is especially susceptible to feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or disappointed. More individuals in this group are starting to retire, and in theory, this means finally being able to relax. In practice, it often leads to more stress.

Baby Boomers have the highest rates of depression in the U.S., and half of all Baby Boomers have said that they had to (or will have to) delay retirement in order to keep earning money. More than half of all seniors have said that they plan on getting a new job after they retire not because they want to stay busy, but because they need the income.

The physical effects of prolonged increased stress levels are enough to derail even the most stable person. One-third of all adults around the age of 65 say that they're stressed out because they don't feel good about their physical appearance, and stress is definitely a factor. Many people stop exercising and begin eating more unhealthy foods. The immune system weakens while blood pressure increases, increasing the risk of developing cardiovascular problems.  Insomnia can kick in, and when you don't get enough sleep at night it just makes everything worse in general.

Taking the time to de-stress can seem selfish or superfluous at first, but April is the perfect month to give it a shot. You might just be surprised by how much better you feel when you start taking proper care of yourself. Life is hard enough as it is -- you deserve to take some time off!

At Bankers Fidelity, we believe that it's important to talk about the real impacts of stress, especially because April is Stress Awareness Month! As many of our clients know all too well, the consequences of mental and emotional stress can really take a toll on your overall physical health. Our organization is proud to be more than just your average short term care insurance and Medicare insurance company. We want to give our readers as many resources as possible to start living happy and healthy lives. Make sure to set aside some time this April to work on de-stressing, and also make sure to share your stress relief tips with us in the comments section below!

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