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Missed Out On World Health Day? Here are 3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Next Year!
Missed Out On World Health Day? Here are 3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Next Year!

At Bankers Fidelity, we believe that World Health Day is one of the best days to discuss and learn about a variety of different health-related concerns. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get a lot of press in the media. If you missed out on World Health Day this year, don’t worry we have some ideas on how you can celebrate next year. At Bankers Fidelity we believe we're more than just your average cancer care insurance and Medicare insurance company; we like to invest in our customers just like they invest in our company! We want to provide you with the resources you need to live a long and healthy life.


Every year, the World Health Organization chooses one specific subject of major importance to global health and dedicates April 7th to raising awareness about it to the masses. This past year, the WHO selected diabetes as the condition that they would focus their efforts on.


While we’re proud to be experts when it comes to Medicare supplemental health insurance, that isn’t the only thing Bankers Fidelity is concerned about. A majority (57%) of Americans over the age of 65 make time for regular vacations, but you don’t have to go anywhere to join World Health Day efforts. Here are a couple fun activities people participated in worldwide this year to battle diabetes.


  1. Stay Super Posters: One of the things WHO did to get people excited and interested in this year’s World Health Day was their “Stay Super. Beat Diabetes” poster campaign. Basically, the organization created several different posters with superhero themes doing things to “fight” diabetes. One featured a group of children dressed in superhero attire around a dinner table filled with fruits and vegetables, another showed them outside kicking a soccer ball, and still another showed the finger of a hero being pricked by a needle with the tagline “If in doubt, check!”

    Get creative and come up with your own superhero, or a poster with an entirely new theme that you can display at home or in the office to help raise awareness.

  2. Write a Letter: It might sound old-fashioned, but there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to write a letter to the editor or some other type of outlet to proliferate your views and ideas on such a serious matter. This is a great route of expression for the not-so-artistically inclined.

  3. Host/Participate in a Charity Event: Whether it’s a 5k run/walk, sporting event like softball or dodgeball, virtually any type of game can be turned into a charity event for diabetes simply by raising money for a quality organization that supports the cause. These are great things to do on the weekend, when the majority of Americans report being happier on average, or to lift you from a mid-week slump while also highlighting an important issue that affects many in our society.

Approximately 83% of Americans 65 or older report to having grandchildren and all of them want to see their kids grow up happy and healthy. At Bankers Fidelity, we consider ourselves more than just a Medicare insurance company. Raising awareness around World Health Day is just one way we believe can help families directly and indirectly.  

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