Kick off Open Enrollment season by getting closer to qualifying for the 2019 Sales Leaders Conference in Portugal! There’s no better time to cross-sell your Open Enrollment business with products such as Vantage Flex 65® and Vantage Recovery®. All ancillary business submitted in October, November and December, and issued with effective dates of January 1, 2019, will now count towards Portugal. In addition, during the month of October, underwritten Medicare Supplement policies are considered double credit. Portugal awaits!
Combine our products to provide complete coverage for your clients. Explore our diverse portfolio by selecting a product below:
Vantage Recovery®
Short-Term Care
Vantage Flex 65®
Hospital Indemnity
Cancer Care Solution
Life Insurance
Keep a complete overview of our entire product portfolio on hand by downloading the All Product Brochure.
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Agent Incentives
Writing business with Bankers Fidelity should be rewarding. We have a plethora of agent incentives to keep you motivated:
Annual Sales Leaders Conference: Join us in Portugal in 2019 to experience the trip of a lifetime. Past trips include Rio de Janeiro, Ireland, Montreal, and Italy.
NAPA Life Program: Qualify for $50,000 of life insurance, discounted E&O rates, CE credits, cyber liability insurance and more.
Agent Stock Purchase Program: Enroll in our stock purchase plans and receive a 10% bonus.
App2Reward*: Receive cash bonuses for your issued business with Bankers Fidelity on all ancillary products.
Discount on CE credits through BOLT University
*Not all agents are eligible for the program. Contact Agent Support to find out if you are eligible.
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