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Life Insurance: Getting Back to Basics with These 4 Important Facts

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Life insurance is an important safety net that may provide for your loved ones when you are gone. Despite its importance, there are still a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings about how it works and what it covers.

While the rules for life insurance vary state to state (life insurance offerings in Arizona may not be available in Idaho, for instance), many of the most important tenets remain true.

This post is designed to help you understand four important things to remember when considering life insurance plans.

  1. If you are financially responsible for another person, you may want life insurance: Whether it is a spouse, child, dependent parents, or employees of your business, you should consider life insurance so that the people in your life don't suffer if something were to happen to you.

  2. Life insurance isn't a ‘Get Rich Scheme’: Daytime television might be full of stories of murder for life insurance benefits but the reality is that, in many cases, life insurance will cover little more than the cost of funeral services and outstanding debts. While it is true that benefit increments can range from $10,000 into the millions, whatever is left over will likely be necessary to help lessen the burden after losing a steady income.

  3. There are different types of life insurance: One form is called Term Life Insurance. This is the popular type and can be less expensive in premium. It essentially only lasts through the term -- or amount of time -- it is in place, usually 10, 20, or 30 years.

    Another form is Whole Life Insurance, which is designed to last the lifetime of the insured. With this option there is a cash value involved in order to sustain the policy.

  4. Life Insurance is Probably Cheaper Than You Think: Unless you are applying for the top benefits, life insurance can be less expensive than most people believe. For someone in their 30s who leads a healthy lifestyle and doesn't smoke, policies may be available for less than $500 a year.

Life insurance is an important tool to protect your loved ones. This may give you a better idea of some of the core information about life insurance policies so you can start a conversation with an independent agent today.



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